Trongsa is the central hub of Bhutan and is historically the place from where attempts at unifying the country were launched. It is about four hours drive from Wangdue. Trongsa is the ancestral home of Bhutan’s royal family and it is from here the first two Kings ruled Bhutan. Long before you reach it, you see the splendid Trongsa Dzong and from where it will take another forty five minutes to reach the dzong. The Trongsa Tshechu or the festival usually falls between late November and mid-December.

Places of Interest: Monuments

Chendebji Chorten is situated in the confluence of two small rivers on the way to Trongsa. The Chorten is a replica of the Boudhanath temple in Kathmandu, Nepal with eyes painted at the four cardinal sides. It was built in 18th century by Lama Shida from Tibet to cover the remains of the evil spirit that was killed at this spot.

Trongsa Dzong or the “Fortress of tip of a Conch” is the longest dzong in the country. This is also the most impressive dzong in the kingdom. The dzong was built in 1644 by Chhogyel Mingyur Tenpa, the official who was sent by the Zhabdrung to unify the eastern Bhutan. It was later enlarged by the Desi Tenzin Rabgye. It is still a tradition that the Crown Prince first serves as the Trongsa Penlop before he ascends the throne.

Ta Dzong or the watch tower which was once constructed to guard the Trongsa Dzong from internal rebellion lies above the Trongsa Dzong. It is now renovated and transformed into museum dedicated to the monarchs of the Kingdom of Bhutan.