Writing A Review Overall Rating 4.7/5
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Dr. Paul L. Jokiel - USA
Reviewed on 14/1/2016

“Karma Gyeltshen is a remarkable person with a strong background in all aspects of the culture, religion, history, art and natural resources of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Moreover, he is extremely knowledgeable about the travel regulations and potential pitfalls of touring this country. Last November, Karma saved my travel group from a difficult situation with another tour company.

We had already sent the money to this company for our Druk Airline tickets. We did not receive the tickets or our visas and were asked to pay for the rest of the trip, which included excessive surcharges and an extra day of billing for the day of departure that amounted to a total overcharge of several thousand dollars for our group. There was great potential for a disaster as the company would not give us our tickets or a refund. Karma was able to intervene. He obtained our tickets and visas and immediately mailed them to us.

He went on to lead our tour of Bhutan. We requested a tour on the spiritual aspects of their culture and we were not disappointed. Karma arranged permission for many special visits to temples and holy places and provided much insight and information on the practice of Buddhism in Bhutan. Karma had obtained special permission for us to visit the sacred areas of Tiger’s Nest, which was very important to me. Karma was sensitive to our needs as vegetarians and made special arrangements for us.

As senior citizens with extensive travel experience in India and Nepal we were astounded at the high standard of accommodations, food, transportation and service provided in Bhutan by Karma. My experience in Bhutan was totally wonderful and positive. I highly recommend Karma Gyeltshen as a travel guide with high integrity and am looking forward to my next trip with him in the Kingdom of Bhutan.”