About Bhutan Dragon Adventures

Bhutan Dragon Adventures is a tour operator based in Bhutan with access to the widest assortment of packages and information. At Bhutan Dragon Adventures, we consistently reassess and revisit the old places with new itineraries and experiences. Our highly motivated and professional team ensure that all our clients receive honest, complete and unbiased advice, and that they benefit from our flexible, innovative approach and cost-saving benefits. We believe in making travelling smart and easy.

We aim to change your concept of a vacation with the immense possibilities of luxury, familiarity, safety and rejuvenation. We consistently break barriers to make your journey complete with scenes, sights and stories. With knowledge of not only travel management but culture and history and the ability to bring you Bhutan’s grandeur though it’s locales and people, Bhutan Dragon Adventure organizes your journey with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company.

We continue to invest profoundly in the latest technology to keep track of an ever-changing industry and to deliver the service to travellers and customers with the perfect demand, from initial enquiry through to provision of resultant management information. We take the hassle away from your vacation.